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Rockboro Analytics

Rockboro Analytics is an intellectual property services provider of high value-added tools and data to the credit and insurance markets.

Rockboro Analytics

Why Rockboro?

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Client Centric
Excellent Service
Excellent Solutions
Extensive Expertise
Results Focused
The Team
At Rockboro, we view our clients as partners and our promise is that we are completely client centric with explicitly defined deliverables wherever possible.
At Rockboro we understand that it's impossible for our clients to predict all of their requirements for a given project, so, wherever possible, we offer to augment our services and provide further support free of charge.
Rockboro is committed to providing excellent solutions and service and to constantly innovating in partnership with our clients.
Clients of Rockboro Analytics benefit from our global, country and sector specific expertise for all regions and industries.
The management team has extensive skills and experience and together have a proven capability to deliver world-class solutions.
Rockboro offers extensive experience of successfully completing assignments involving all aspects of internal ratings systems and credit scoring.
Results-focused, accomplished, well-rounded experts with diverse backgrounds and experience. Their talent, skill and character is valued by our clients.
Our clients come first. Our success is measured by theirs. Integrity, confidentiality, objectivity and discretion are paramount in all that we do. We strive to exemplify the highest standards of professional conduct.

Competitor Analysis Review

In today’s highly competitive but economically depressed environment, understanding your own strengths and weaknesses relative to peers is critical for firms to make informed decisions regarding their future strategy and for deciding upon internal initiatives for maintaining and building upon the successes of the past.

Rockboro’s CAR (competitor analysis review) enables a firm to objectively measure and review itself on key criteria against a selected group of peers. The CAR is a comprehensive report that includes measurement, detailed analysis and ranking of the firm against its selected peers on a number of criteria including:

  • Overall strength
  • Competitive Advantage or Business Profile
  • Management (and sub facets of management)
  • Profitability (and sub facets of profitability)
  • Capital (and sub facets of capital)
  • Liquidity